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Our grand finale is here — This home is completely ready for a new owner! We are so excited to show you the final product of our team’s hard work over the past few months. This home has gone through an amazing transformation from it’s original state.

1602 Oaken Trail is a beautiful, completely renovated brick-front ranch home located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At 1294 square feet, with patio and yard, this home is the perfect size for a family looking to move into the Royal Oaks community. This home features refinished hardwood floors, new plumbing throughout the home, newly painted deck and a beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. This home is a real deal for the price — and an open house is very soon!
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Leslie K May

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Almost There — The Home Stretch

This home has nearly completed its dramatic transformation — once neglected and in disrepair, now a shining gem in the crown of this neighborhood. Just recently our team on location completed the finishing touches on this property — installing beautiful new lattice detail on the rear deck, and trimming the windows for weatherproofing. You can see the results in our slideshow above!

Both projects add great value to the property and will be appreciated by the new family who gets to own this beautiful home.

Our team has also recently refinished the hardwood floors of this home — you may see the dramatic results in our previous post, New Floors for Your Family. Check back soon for more updates!

For further information on this home, please reach out to Leslie K May:

Leslie K May

Tel: 423-903-5495


New Floors for Your Family

We have some fantastic news regarding 1602 Oaken Trail! Our team on location has completed refinishing the hardwood floors at this beautiful home. The transformation is visible in the slideshow; you can even see how we decided on the best color for the home, and please also check out our BEFORE and AFTER photos to see the difference.

Now it is much easier to imagine a dinner party or having a wonderful evening here at home with your loved ones. Look how the light reflects off of the new color — much warmer and more inviting than previously and a dramatic difference.

For our prep work before this project, and a look at our work on the plumbing for this home, please see our previous post, New Plumbing and Prepping the Hardwood Floors.

For further information on this home, please reach out to this number: 423-463-0663.

New Plumbing and Prepping the Hardwood Floors

Hello again from the Atlanta Discount Home Deals team! Just recently our team at this property did a thorough investigation and repair of many of the plumbing units in the home, including the bathrooms, and improving the water heater system. Now updated with brand-new hardware, these units will be ready for your day-to-day needs for years to come. We are also prepping those beautiful hardwood floors for a much-needed restaining.

For our other recent work on 1602 Oaken Trail, please see our previous post,Newness in the Exterior and Interior. Check back soon for more updates!

For more information, please reach out to this number: 423-463-0663.

Newness in the Exterior and Interior

Here’s another update from the Atlanta Discount Home Deals team!

Recently our expert team finished retiling and refurbishing the shower’s tub and tile for an updated modern look. We are also excited to say that the foundation and deck have been refurbished. Any settling seams in the foundation have been patched and weatherproofed with tonal paint. The deck has also been repainted and weatherproofed for many summers to come. Oaken Trail has a refurbished mailbox as well, ready to welcome your family’s mail delivery.

Check back soon for more updates, and for our previous work, please look at our post, Bringing the Home Up to Date.

For more information, please reach out to this number: 423-463-0663.

Bringing this Home Up to Date

We are back at it again at 1602 Oaken Trail. Just recently our expert team installed brand new cabinets for the soon-to-be lovely kitchen, updated the HVAC system with a new line, and refinished the bathroom tub. We also pressure-washed the front steps — just look at the difference! We are so excited to be bringing the best out of this home for your family. For a look at our landscaping work on this home, please look at our previous post, Lightening Up.

Check back soon for more updates!

For more information about this home, please reach out to Remy at his number: 443.629.2819.

Lightening Up

Wow, what a difference a few snips make! Well, these were actually a “lotta” big cuts.
Beside the home is a beautiful and expansive oak tree (see BEFORE picture). We decided the less maintenance for the new owner, the better. We cut off several large branches that were either low hanging or growing in the direction of the home. This now means much less leaves in the fall and more sun light in the summer to help keep the grass green and moss at bay (moss loves shade). We also cleaned up the trees in the front yard as well. The labor was well worth the result. The yard feels so much more spacious and open. Thankfully Chattanooga has a wonderfully responsive brush pick-up service that will make getting these limbs and branches off site a snap.

For our expert teams previous work on this property, please see our previous post, Exterior and Landscaping Updates.

For more information, please reach out to this number: 423-463-0663.

Exterior and Landscaping Updates

We are well under way here at 1602 Oaken Trail. After a survey of what needed to be done, our team set to work trimming trees and beautifying the landscaping of the property.

A beautiful garden never gets old; and with this house that’s just what you’ll get. We’ve gone through the bed to remove, cover, pull and smooth over everything in sight. Just in are several Japanese Boxwood shrubs around the perimeter of the home. It’s so exciting and pleasant when approaching the home and these little guys greet you. Japanese Boxwoods are a great choice for those desiring greenery that takes care of itself. In comparison to Common Boxwood shrubs, Japanese Boxwoods stay green year long, can withstand freezing winters as well as full sun exposure in the summer and they have a fairly slow growth rate. The shrubs are also set in a bed of pine needles. Unlike mulch, pine needles retain their color and form over time and weather, require less maintenance, are easier to carry to site and are much harder to make a mess with. Did I say cheap too! This is a garden that’s easy to enjoy and one you won’t have to sweat over, that is, unless you want to!

Our expert team also inspected the roofline and gutter system, and began installation of brand-new sliding rear doors that will lead out to the deck. New interior doors were also delivered. Check back soon for more updates!

For a look at our previous work on the property, please see our previous post, Rounding 3rd Base!

For more information, please reach out to this number: 423-463-0663.

Rounding 3rd Base!

We’re nearing the home stretch here at 1602 Oaken Tail. The paint is nearly done! We’ve encountered one hiccup in the painting process however- turns out there was wallpaper under that red paint in the kitchen. The wall paper didn’t care for the paint primer and the wall paper wrinkled right up. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that will take perfect care of that. In other good news, the bathroom paint is beautiful. I love to see this house looking more and more like home everyday. Stay tuned to see the gorgeous chocolate brown cabinets that are going up next.

To look at the previous work that was completed on this property, please see our previous post, We’ve Got the Power!.